'Somewhere beyond right and wrong,

 there is a garden. I will meet you there.' --- Rumi

'The purpose of words

 Is to convey ideas.

 When the ideas are grasped

 The words are forgotten.

 Where can I find a man 

 Who has forgotten words?

 He is the one I would like to talk to. -----      Thomas Merton

'Silence is the language of God,

 all else is poor translation.'  ---------------      Rumi


  ​​​​     ऐ... जस​  ಏ... ಜಸ  A... Jas 

कवि नहीं तुकबंद ज़रा हूँ





​​​​I generally don't remember  quotes but these three have stayed with me since the moment I read them.

The lines that I wrote earlier and tore up in disgust were probably better than what I write now and keep. I don't consciously compare my lines with those of someone like Ghalib, Nirala or Mahadevi Verma anymore and so I no more feel the same dislike for my work. They were giants. But then can I call myself a poet? When I realized I didn't like calling myself one, this line occurred to me, 'कवि नहीं तुकबंद ज़रा हूँ.' There was a little more peace hereafter.

​Someone called our 'ऐ.... जस​' A.... Jas ! That moment my search for a Pen Name (तख़ल्लुस​)​ was over.