​O Stress Bhai!
Will you please tell?
How do you?
Just how do you affect​
My blood sugar level?

O Stress Bhai!
What makes you take
My blood sugar level so high?
And to kill you, what do I do?
Like Bhisma did; please give me a clue.

Work, Deadlines, Life a jungle
Spouse, grouse, fumble, grumble
Pollution, noise, rush, traffic jam;
And nothing moves like lines in my palm.
Boss, loss, kids, bids, deeds, needs
Where I plan and where it leads
You too stress, disturb my ease
But then how do you spoil my blood sugar level,
My diabetes?

Stress laughs and says,
“I just got it;  Gotcha!
I do to you
What Munnabhai calls ‘chemical Lochaa’.
I release harmones -- cortisol and adrenalin
Which raise your blood pressure, slow down digestion.
All this makes your blood sugar rise
So find ways to kick me and be wise.”

Anything can cause stress, just anything
That old mobile phone or the latest bling bling;
Never ending bills or the coffee that spills
Or nasty relatives-- when they show their skills.
When you forgot, or were too slow or fast,
Beware! For days, weeks and months
Stress can last.

When you decided not to choose
Or not to give your voice;
Remember-- Even that was your choice.
You can’t undo your past
But you can learn from it at last.
Someone opted for spinach, some other for cake
Life is what the choices you make
When you choose to eat wise, choose to exercise
Your blood sugar goes down and spirit flies.

Someone said, “When you see intention--
You are in tension.”
Rather learn to de-stress, learn relaxation.
Let the silence tell, let the silence tell
Breathe well; ...  just breathe well
let go; .......  just let go
Just relax! .... And go with this flow.
Silence calms, Yoga calms, a massage calms;
Your life is then in your palms.

Drop your worries and your shoulders
Take a deep breath in and slowly breathe out
Take a deep breath in and slowly breathe out
Do it every day just for 5 minutes
 And watch how your stress goes nuts.
 It’s simple, in your control, and free it comes
Stress slowly burns; love and calm returns.

Be it office, be it home,
You work long hours;
And you love the way it empowers.
Do something else in between and all it takes
Just a few 5 to 10 minutes breaks.
Deep breath, music, green tea or just beam
Or Close your eyes and day dream.

If you live and if you are healthy
Only then you can enjoy work, relations
And your efforts to become wealthy.
Note down your priorities and you must!
But anything comes later, your health comes first.
It’s time to pause and think of the cause
If you are healthy ---- a rose is rose.

In or out, move a muscle
It’s just about, move a muscle
Dance, zumba, yoga, aerobics, move a muscle
There are hundreds of tricks to move a muscle
Home or park, move a muscle
Run, jog or walk but move a muscle.
Break the habits, break the routine
Today! Not kal (tomorrow)
It’s just about move a muscle

They loved every bit of it
When you pampered.
But ‘pamper yourself’ was something
That never mattered.
So a massage, a movie, spa, a friend, dance,
Just anything to explore self love, self romance.
It’s your ‘me time’ and your style to unwind;
Leave worries, duties, everything behind.

There was a time you did what you wanted,
Cricket, football, painting, singing, that classical dance,
Whatever that kept you enchanted.

Go back to them
Or bring them back to you

Hey! Look over there
Who is walking back to you?
Aha! Love, calm, joy and health,
Again walking back to you
Again walking back to you


Wellness to myself Wellness to thyself
Wellness to myself Wellness to thyself

If your loved one has diabetes
Let us give some outside help

Wellness to myself Wellness to thyself

Let this be our mantra their mantra 
Wellness to myself wellness to thyself

We are-- A.... Jas  Good Health Tips

Take care of your diabetes
Please manage your diabetes

Please reverse your diabetes

We are-- A.... Jas  Good Health Tips

                                                        ---- A..... Jas

(DISCLAIMER: The above Poems and Lyrics are based on my general knowledge and belief but I am not a doctor or an expert. Please seek an appropriate counsel from an expert for your own medical condition.)