1. An imaginary sandwich, Gildios-wich, one of the costliest in the world


An experience in Filthy Rich

Not any brand switch

“Creativity is more than just being different. Anybody can plan weird; that's easy. What's hard is to be as simple as Bach. Making the simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity”.

Charles Mingus 

2. Twitter   Banter

#Zero cholesterol & #vegan craze already giving you tough time  bro  @gokul_India but with millennials giving up #buttering to get things done -- where does that take the revenue dip? This weekend promote #MaskaaLagaaKaamBanaa

Our turnover going up n up only for last several years @khaalejee but you missed it as you were busy during the period brainstorming on -- “How to organize yoga camps to sell biscuits again.” This weekend promote some #VedicBiscuits  

3. Emailer with taglines 

From Global Khana, a world of simple to exotic gastronomic ecstasies, springs out a highly sophisticated -- Party Genie -- who awaits your command to create each one of your whim & fantasy parties!  

What a hassle it can be to throw a perfect party which pleases you and your globetrotting acquaintances and friends who are connoisseurs of global cuisines and fashion!

Let your party need any size, approach or style, Party Genie always has many things extraordinary to pull out of its hat.
“As extraordinary as you want me to be” it always says when it bows to you! You love to be a great host who entertains in style and Party Genie helps you do just that. It adds to your charisma, dignity and glamour or to your chutzpah even.

Party Genie just loves to serve you and loves it all the more when you ask it to devise a customized menu especially for you!

Did anyone call it a caterer? Oh!!!   That’s the only time when this sweetie gets a little annoyed!

Party Genie is--

A creator of each one of your whim &fantasy parties

Not any caterer